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Our Products Catalog includes the following product categories, here are some samples of the unique products you will browse inside:

Bath and Shower Loofah Sponges

Bath Cloth Loofah PadMushroom loofah PuffLoofah Mitt 2Round Luffa Facial PadLoofah Back Scrubber 2Loofah Brush 2Loofah Soap Pocket 1

Loofah and All Terry Footwear Products


Loofah and Natural Jute Bags and Hats

Loofah Raw Material

Loofah Baskets and Soap Dishes

Loofah Soap Dish Luffa Soap Basket

Loofah Pet Products

Loofah Mats and Planters

Pumice Products

Aromatherapy and Soap Making Supplies

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