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Wholesale Egyptian Loofah Bath Mats, Table Mats and Luffa biodegradable Planters for living plants and vertical gardening.


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Under our Loofah Home & Garden products catalog you will find two main product lines:

  • Loofah Bath and Table Mats.

  • Innovative range of Loofah hanging and table top planters. Besides their natural looking texture, they provide a very healthy growing container for living plants.

About our Loofah Home & Garden Products

  • All are 100% made of Loofah, natural and bio-degradable.

  • Loofah Mats are beautifully integrated with jute fringe and reflect a warm natural feel.

  • Loofah planters, as being made from Loofah (vegetable fibers), integrate beautifully with living plants. Loofah planters also provide excellent horticultural benefits.

Here are some samples pictures of our Loofah Home and Garden products

Loofah Bath Floor Mats

Loofah Table Mats

Loofah Table Top Planter

Loofah Hanging Planter


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